Microphone Mixer


PA and BGM systems are element in modern offices and large organisations and factories. In growing trends in the working environment PA and BGM system benefits to all organisations.

Public Address Systems

  • A public address system is an essential tool in communication throughout the premises. They allow a single user or group of users to address a large number of people using microphones, speakers, mixers & amplifiers in Mall, Supermarkets, offices & buildings.
  • The components of a PA system are varied depending upon the type of areas. Depending on the application, we offer simple to Enterprise Level PA systems with different features and functions.
Audio System Suppliers

Background Music Systems

In a commercial and villa environment a Background Music System is a playback system that plays background music. It includes the element of zone Controllers to Control zones volume levels and Input source are suitable for each environment. Satinavs is specialists with commercial and villa background music systems, and we can design, supply, and Installation.

We are partnered with the very best PA & BGM Solution Manufacturers including JBL, Crown, AKG, BSS, Sound craft, Bose, Yamaha, Denon, Bosch, Ecler, FBT, TOA, Equipson Mark etc.

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