Comparing Wireless vs. Wired Access Control Systems: Which Is Best for 2024?

When it comes to security, we always wanted to incorporate a door access control system in Dubai to biometric scanners; the importance of these access control systems is to restrict unauthorised entry to your home or commercial space. Generally, these access control systems are differentiated into two categories such as wired and wireless systems. However, before understanding the advantages and disadvantages of these two systems you must understand what an access control system is.

Access control can be defined as the process of controlling the entrance of individuals inside your home or office space. Moreover, this technology helps you to restrict unwanted access and through this way, you can effectively keep undesirable people away from your space.

Wireless Access Control Systems Dubai

Wireless access control systems generally utilise battery or radio signals to communicate effectively and this comes in two different types offline or online. The online system can provide cloud-based access management and enable efficient operation from anywhere across the world, moreover, these systems can function from computers or smartphones at your convenience.


  • Wireless access control can be easily integrated with any system rather than wired systems.
  • You don’t need to break down walls or get rid of tangled wires running on the floors with a wireless security system.
  • Install batteries and connect to any system easily.


  • Wireless systems usually work on a network (online); thus, they need to be in the range of a control system. However, it could reduce the effectiveness in larger areas, especially when there are walls that may limit the range of wireless systems.
  • Wireless depends largely on batteries and network; hence, it may fail if the battery gets dried out or the network crashes.
  • Though installing wireless systems is relatively cheaper, the maintenance cost of this system is very high, and replacing the batteries is often more expensive.  


Wireless systems are most suitable for small or medium-sized businesses where there are no issues associated with the range or connectivity of systems. However, it can be used in large premises only if there is a presence of strong Wi-Fi connection.

Wired Access Control Systems Dubai

Wired systems are normally connected directly to the central access hub and it does not make use of any types of batteries or network. They are mostly preferred for their use of hardware and they can be used for secure electric strikes and electromagnetic locks than wireless systems.

Fortunately, the modern wired system in the market can be connected to the internet and you can seamlessly operate it with mobile apps.

  • This system is more reliable as it can be used by connecting to a power supply without the need for batteries.
  • This system is not restricted to a specific range as the wires are linked with each terminal and offer an uninterrupted connection.  
  • They can be seamlessly integrated between different buildings.
  • Installing the wired system is too expensive
  • When installing the system, you need to break down the walls and this requires more money and effort.

Wired systems are mostly preferred by firms that need the highest level of security and such systems use efficient hardware to provide reliable communication.

Now you may be aware of the differences between wired and wireless access control Dubai, now it is your responsibility to choose the right access control system for your needs.

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