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PABX Installation In Dubai

The Private Automatic Branch Exchange (PABX) is a communication system mainly used to communicate internally within an organisation or company. The installation of a PABX system can help to streamline both internal and external telephone communication more efficiently.

Why choose Satin AVS for PABX Installation in Dubai?

Satin AVS is a progressive telecom and IT service provider with a clear intention to provide the best and most cost-effective solution through efficient integration of information technology. As a leading service provider in PABX installation in Dubai, we facilitate excellent experience in integrating PABX/PBX installation for business success along with IP PABX, VoIP PABX, Conventional, and Hybrid PABX system installation. Established in 2011, Satin AVS is a specialised audio visual equipment supplier in Dubai, offering comprehensive services for IT system installation, CCTV installation, and more.
Advantages of PABX installation in Dubai
PABX installation in Dubai is a core component of the business infrastructure and this telephonic system allows the various contact points to communicate efficiently within the business circle with one another via a secure and efficient private line. This telephone system is for intercom calls specifically for efficient internal communication between departments and groups in an organization.  Below are the main advantages of installing the PABX system in Dubai.
  1. Management of Incoming Calls
  2. Management of Internal Calls
  3. Easy Integration
  4. Durable Accessing from And for Multiple Locations
  5. Automated Enquiry Assistance
  6. Flexible, Hands-Free Features
  7. Maximizes Time & Work Efficiency

Intercom Systems

    • An intercom, also called an intercommunication device, or interphone, is a stand-alone voice communications system for use within a building or small collection of buildings, functioning independently of the public telephone network. Intercoms are usually mounted permanently in construction and vehicle parking. Intercoms can integrate connections to public address loudspeaker systems, telephones, as well as related intercom systems. Certain intercom system integrates control of devices including signal and door latches.
    • Intercoms are normally deployed in a variety of applications including houses that need only one connection between the resident and the entrance to a property to multi-unit apartments that need intercom hardware to be put in place in every individual apartment. Some are equipped with video, and their wiring can be connected to the outside while controlling an electric strike. The latest generations are compatible with desktops, and some other models like TCP/IP compatibility.

Basic intercom system terms

  • The master station and the base station are the two units that control the whole system. Master stations facilitate calls to substations and they are also configurable to make announcements that are transmitted across the complete intercom system.
  • Substation: Units that facilitate calls with a master station yet are not capable of facilitating calls with other stations. They are also known as slave units.
  • Door station: Similar to substations, door stations are only capable of facilitating a call to a master station. They are usually weather-proof.
  • Intercom Station: A fully functional remote unit that initiates and receives party-line conversation, personal conversation, and signalling. May be rack-mounted, wall-mounted or portable.
  • Wall mount station: Fixed-position intercom station installed with the loudspeaker which has an inbuilt flush-mounted microphone, telephone-model handset, or hand-held push-to-talk microphone.
  • Handset: A permanent or portable telephone-model connection connected with an intercom station that holds both an earpiece and push-to-talk microphone.
  • Power Supply: Deployed to provide power to all units which are incorporated with the design of the base station.
  • Amplified: Intercom systems normally make use of a single speaker to transmit and receive communications.
  • Amplifier: An intercom system is an essential element responsible for connecting communication paths with a master and substation. Moreover, amplifiers distribute an adequate amount of power to the auxiliary connected devices such as door strikes to access entry.

Why did you choose Satin AVS for the PABX Installation in Dubai?

Satin AVS is a Sira approved CCTV Company in Dubai that mainly provides audio-visual systems and IT Networking solutions. We offer PABX installation in Dubai, to ensure smooth communication inside an organisation. The PABX systems are not only beneficial for companies but are also widely used in Hotels, Villas and more. We have a team of experts who are proficient in PABX system installation.

PABX installation

Our Expertise

To design and create a board room as well as a conference room for your company.

Our design engineers have in-depth knowledge of intercom system Solution enabling Satin AVS a trusted PABX installation in Dubai to design unique solutions that meet the goals of our clients. With our Certified Engineers by our Below Products.

We are partnered with the very best Intercom Solution Manufacturers including Commax, Hikvision, and Panasonic.

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